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CONFERENCE SERIES: Drug Discovery & Development
Recorded at: World Pharma Congress

About the Course:
Many are frustrated with the lack of translational progress in the pain field, in which huge gains in basic science knowledge obtained using animal models have not led to the development of many novel, clinically effective compounds. A careful reexamination of animal models of pain is therefore warranted. In this course, I will describe the current implementation of animal models of pain, discuss a wide range of modulatory factors affecting data obtained within them, lay out the case for the replacement of current models by more sophisticated ones, and describe progress toward that goal.

Presentations and Instructor:

Animal Models of Pain
Jeffrey S. Mogil, Ph.D. E.P. Taylor Professor of Pain Studies, Canada Research Chair in Genetics of Pain, Dept. of Psychology and Centre for Research on Pain, McGill University

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About this Product:
The 136 minute digital course includes 1 presentation perfectly synchronized with power point slides.

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